Sunday, July 03, 2005


Revision exercises

Here are a few links to revision exercises.

hi mrs. alejandra
i did the revision exercises

leandro ercoli
Good, how useful did you find them?
Hi! Congratulations on a very good site!!! I also tried your revision exercises. I found the one for matching sentence parts very interesting, but those for revision of irregular verbs did not seem challenging for the students. To my view, they require almost no thinking, since you can solve them simply by finding the verb with similar letters in a group of five very dissimilar words. I'm saying this in the hope that it helps, and not to be ugly.
Again, the site is very good.
Hi, Ale.

I like your page very much: ¡Felicidades!

I especially liked the last grammar review on irregular past tenses: very challenging, but also very "mind-engaging."

Also, I was pleased to see the link to the grammar quizzes at "Dave's ESL Cafe"--because I wrote many of them.

Very best wishes to you and your students!

Hello Ale Weser:

I can´t find the exersise avout volcanos.

I´m clic in (hier) and doesen´t opend


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