Sunday, May 08, 2005


Verbs followed by -ing

Hi kids,
I see many of you are using the blog to study for your exam next week. I hope you find the exercises useful (and easy too!) I have read several comments so I know Aldana G., Ignacio G. Leandro and Lisandro have been working here lately.

If you want to see if you remember which verbs are followed by other verbs with -ing, try this exercise.
If you want to practise Simple Past and Past Continuous do this other exercise.

Hi mrs.Wesser
i'm Camilo,I did all the excersises of verbs followed by -ing and past continous and past simple.
I did the excersises to study for the test.When that will be?????
I just sent you a document with an exercise in case you want to practise more. The test will be on Wednesday or Friday... not sure yet.
hi mirs alejandra
i did the exersice past continues or siple past
leandro ercoli
mrs alejandra
i did the exersice unit 3.1 victorian times
leandro ercoli
Good, Leandro, it is a good way of revising the lesson for Friday.
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