Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Revision of Irregular Verbs in the Past

If you want to see if you remember the past tense of verbs that appear in Units 1 and 2 and in the story of Francine and the Wolves, do this activity.

Hello Mrs. Wsesser
I did all the excercises and I left a lot of comments.
They were easy.
See you later,
Camilo Kaminsky Fabás,Jr.
E-mail: milokf578@yahoo.com.ar
Bye,bye,bye,bye and bye.
Hi Alejandra , i´m Lisandro. i did the exercice of Francine and the exercice of the infinitive and the past
Fantastic, Lisandro. Did you realise that all the verbs in that exercise are from the book? I suppose if you read all the stories you must have found the exercise easy.
Hellow I'M Ignacio Grassi I do the exercise of the infinitive and the past
I play the game "gramar gorilas"
Good, Ignacio. Now, there's a lot more you can do ... probably some of the exercises on Present and Past time would be good for you.
Great, Ignacio, what about doing the exercises based on Francine and the Wolves now?
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