Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Past Simple and Past Continuous

Click here to do an exercise to practise both Past Tenses.

Hi Mrs.Wesser
I have done all the excercises that you posted in this week
Please donĀ“t put excercises, put games!!!!
OK, Camilo, what kind of games do you prefer? Have you already played Battleships? What did you think about that one?
Hi Mrs Wesser
I have already played Battleship
and I enjoyed it very much. But the instructions weren't very clear.
I prefer games like Gramar Gorilas and One False Move.
Bye, bye

OK, CAmilo, thanks for letting me know. You can play Grammar Gorillas as much as you like. When you play battleships or the other games or exercises you are also studying what we see a school in a different way.
i did all the exercices of present simple
bye Lisandro
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