Saturday, April 02, 2005


Saturday morning

Hello kids,
I am glad to see that many of you are doing the exercises. I have received messages and emails from Lisandro,Lucas,Christian, Camilo, Aldana and Leandro Alvez, Nacho and Delfina. I have also received messages from Ana from ABCI. There is a Minina, too, but I don't know who uses this nickname. (I hope I am not forgetting any names).

At this stage you can already do the following exercises too: Was- Were, all the Present Tense exercises, Everyday Life, Days, Months and Seasons and all the Family Vocabulary exercises. Of course, you can also do all the exercises related to the units we have seen up to now .

Because I have seen that some of you have had trouble doing one of the matching exercises, I have decided to prepare a new exercise using another program. I would like to know if it works this time. Check tomorrow, Sunday, for a new post saying which exercise has replaced the one that required an ID.

As for the story of the Snail, has anyone read it and answered the question? If you have read it and know the answer, don't forget to post it in Comments.

Bye for now.

Hello Ale W.
I`m Aldana Alvez.
I finish the exersises of LINKS (unit 2L1) 1-2-3
bie, bie, bie, bie
Hello Ale W.
I`m Aldana Alvez.
I finish the exersises of links(unit2L1)1-2-3
Hi,Mrs. Wesser
I did all the excercises that you said.
Hi mrs.Wesser
I think games are funnier than excercises
Good work, kids. I am pleased to see your results are so good, Camilo and I agree games are fun. Great also, Aldana, you have been working really hard!
Mrs Weser: I played the game of the gorillas (Grammar gorillas). I had fun, please, put more games.

Bye for now.... Andrea Valcarcel
hello mrs wesser
i did the exersice present simple affirmative of the 6th grade page
bye bye
Good, Leandro. I think you will find all the exercises on that page are useful if you are studying for your exam next week.
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