Sunday, April 17, 2005


Parts of the Body

On Friday we did some activities to revise the Parts of the Body while we watched the video of Muzzy Comes Back. Some of you did not remember how to spell some of the words. If you want to revise that vocabulary, first click here, look at the picture and study the words. Then click here, if possible print the worksheet and complete it with the corresponding words.

You can also find a quiz which you can do online here- you don't need to print this one.

And yet another one here- with pictures ... and here.

This one is to practise spelling of parts of the body.

Hi mrs.Wesser
I did all the excercises of the body.
Good Camilo, this is part of the vocabulary you need to know for your exams.
Hi Alejandra i´m Lisandro i did the exercices of the body and the exercices of was or were and exercices about simple present.
Have you printed the worksheet to complete with the parts of the body, Lisandro? If you can do that, then you can have it in your folder to review vocabulary later on.
hello alejandra i'm aldana i did the exesaise of the fracine and the wolwes.
i'm aldana i did excersis of the body
Good, Aldana. You can also practise past tense and simple present.
Well done, Aldana, did you find it easy?
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