Monday, April 25, 2005


More activities in our Webpage

Remember that apart from the blog there is a webpage with many, many exercises and games for you to do. I have added a link to that webpage in the Links section that you can see on the left. This site has already got two pages. You will find lovely activities on the second page of the 6th grade website. You can also click here to do those exercises.

Also remember I would like to get your email addresses so that I can email you when I have personal comments I want to make about what you can do or about your work in general. Will you please remember to send me an email to ? Thanks in advance.

Hi mrs Wesssser
It's me, Camilo again I play the
vocabulary game.
I recommend you this blogs:
Thank you, Camilo. I will have a look at them tonight. Thank you for your recommendations.
Hi mrs Alejandra,
I do the exercise of Unit 3.1 Victorian Times.
I have a question:
"How do you do for hold we???"...
P.D: Pardon for the orthography!!!
Dear Cata,
I would love to answer your question "How do you do for hold we?" but I really don't understand it. I will ask you what you meant tomorrow in class, OK?
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